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His catalogue numbers are still in use, M.1, M.2 etc.

Caroline Herschel and her brothers William and Alexander who were also searching for comets, got a copy of Messier's catalogue in 1781.

This showed that some of the small oval nebulae had a spiral structure.

William Herschel's son, Caroline's nephew, John Herschel also become an astronomer.

He invented the word photography and pioneered the application of photography to astronomy.

As telescopes got better, more and more faint fuzzy blobs, called "nebulae" could be seen.

The French astronomer Charles Messier compiled a catalogue of these fuzzy blobs or "nebulae" so he could distinguish which fuzzy blob might be a new comet which was what he was interested in finding.

The photons are focussed by the surface of the dish onto a waveguide horn and probe which feeds down a converter to a detector which converts them into weak electrical currents which are then amplified.

The results are collected and stored as computer data to be examined in detail in various ways on the computer. Orphaned at 11, and apprenticed to a glass cutter in Munich on 21 July 1801. Fraunhofer was the only survivor pulled out of the ruins.

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